Møt Luka – AD og surferboy

Av 7. February, 2017 Ingen kommentarer

Luka… Sløy og sjarmerende slovensk AD. Han har jobbet i Headspin i snart 10 år og ingen har noensinne sett gutten uten et smil om munnen. Luka mekker surfebrett på fritida all den tid han ikke jakter bølger i Hustadvika eller på Stadt. Luka er et kreativt forcefield og designer helst artsy prosjekter. Idèmøter sammen med Luka inneholder mye fliring, ville idèer og mange digresjoner – før det til slutt lander i et solid konsept.

Navn: Luka Petric
Rolle: AD i Headspin Advertising
Tre favoritting: Thrill, Joy and the Unknown. .. or maybe sex, drugs and rocknroll – can`t decide!

Hvilke prosjekter er du mest stolt av å ha deltatt på, og hvorfor?

Its hard to say which project I`m most proud of. All of them have some proudness to carry! I think Danske Bank – Akademikerne was one of them. It was a broad project and covered most of the medias we work with. The team we worked with was quite big with various types of competence, therefore the project had such a dynamic flow and process. We came with rather new and edgy solutions and challenged the customer, and the response from them was very positive! I like it when we can push the client towards better and bolder solutions.

I enjoyed working with Investinor as well. We brushed up their existing visual identity and made it work in a more holistic way across the brands touchpoints. The team was awesome and the process was great. The client gave us good, constructive feedback which helped us do our job as efficiently as possible.

doppler 223x297

I shouldn´t forget Trøndelag Teater! It`s always great experience to work with them. We had a good dialogue with the client. I like that it always begins with a clear brief, that often takes the strangest and weirdest paths, and the sky is the limit from there on. There is much more artistic freedom in those projects. I never imagined I would draw penises and get paid for it! 🙂


Hvordan er drømmekunden?

The dream client would be someone with high demands and someone that is willing to accept challenging ideas and design solutions. A client that is excited to join in on the design process, with strong opinions and clear feedback, and is eager to develop ideas, concepts and visual design.

Hva inspirerer deg?

What ever makes me question things or makes me think. Design, art, architecture, people and nature are where I draw inspiration from. Inspiring vibes come from different environments, art places, travels and subcultures. When I see people creating, designing and handcrafting, it opens different horizons to me. Visiting design events and conferences, hearing designers sharing their experiences, gives me turbo boost for a long while. I get a lot of inspiration from good books and ”design books”, not the ones with big pretty pictures (there is image overflow all around us anyways), but the ones that tells you why people design and how they come to conclusions. Talking about inspiration; I recently read Micheals Beirut book, and the first spread starts with ”Inspiration is for amateurs, the rest of us just shows up and get to work”. Book is good by the way … and inspiring!

Hvem inspirerer deg?

Hard to answer this one! I find different heroes all the time. At some point, Frutiger was my absolute hero, but then David Carson came in the picture with his “rad” philosophy, and my perspective changed. Alan Fletcher is one of the names to mention, Stefan Segmaister, Milton Glaser as well. Comes and goes, depends on my phase of life.

I think it`s like with music, you always discover new things, but old tunes stay deep inside.

Hvilke prosjekter jobber du med nå?

I work with a few projects for Danske Bank and we are starting new interesting projects with Aqualine … promising!:)