About us

This is how we think

We believe in uncompromising. Lift list every time. Constantly explore and challende. It creates communication that strikes.


The nerds enthusiasm for their subjects is out greatest value. The will to always learn more, challenge the unknown. That’s what gives us award winning crafts.


It is through storytelling we influence. Ambitious ideas and clear concepts that create the unexpected, engaging and moving.


Our starting point is always insight. Thorough and analytical mapping. It enables us to see the larger image, simplify, work strategically and securely with channel and technology.

Headspin is a creative digital agency for brands and clients communicating on today’s terms. We offer top competence within strategy, content and copy, design, storytelling, film, animation, as well as VR and web development.

Our mindset is simple. Every project offers new knowledge and insights to be gained. Every project is an opportunity to raise the bar, challenge both ourselves and our clients. Every project is a new chance to let our inner childlike nerds loose and use our skills to provide value to our clients.



Headspin AS

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